An exercise in having a little fun, Ritter Goods takes us to a whimsical world inhabited by cute cars and interesting characters. It is my hope that, through these illustrations I am able to tell their stories and share my passion for cars with adults and kids alike.

Somewhere along the way, it's easy to start taking things too seriously, but in remembering the simple child-like joy that four-wheeled vehicles can elicit, we discover that cars are all about fun again.


Amongst old wooden shelves and assorted filing cabinets lives the R.G.Historics Archives. Decades of stories, race results, and relics tell of great, short-wheelbased legends. Collected from the golden eras of motorsports and plucked from automotive history, the archives are rich with fuel-filled tales.

From time to time, I will be digging into these archives and releasing collections of limited edition art prints, each capturing a unique story from the Ritter Goods world like a set of old analog photographs.


Me, The Artist.

Day to day, I drive around town in an old '87 Mitsubishi Montero that I love dearly, and on the weekends you may find me in the garage slowly restoring my dream car, a 1969 Morris Mini.

When I was a kid, my father shared his passion for cars with me and it has shaped much of who I am today. I've spent the last 14 years in the automotive industry, working as a creative director, designer, journalist, and vintage motorsport photographer. About 4 years ago, I left my 2D comfort zone and began teaching myself the art of 3d modeling. Soon after, Ritter Goods was born, finally giving life to the cartoon cars that I sketched on school notebooks and napkins.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey and I really hope you enjoy!

My Photography

As the co-founder of StanceWorks, alongside my good friend Mike Burroughs, I built my career on automotive photography and journalism. Together we built a strong community of enthusiasts and we were fortunate to break into motorsport photography, touring the country photographing BMWUSA Team RLL in the ALMS series for a number of years. Through this journey, I have found that my happy place is situated somewhere along the trackside fencing, camera in hand, as a class of vintage racers roar by. It is in these formative years that I found much of the inspiration that lies behind Ritter Goods and with any luck, you will find me wandering the paddocks tapping into it for many years to come.